Boosting organic farming & aquaculture to reach the Farm to Fork targets

With the Farm-to-Fork Strategy (F2F), the EU has set targets of reaching at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land under organic farming and significantly increasing organic aquaculture by 2030. The overall objective of OrganicTargets4EU project is to support the achievement of these targets. Based on an assessment of key drivers and lock-ins affecting the development of the organic sector, the project will set-up a multi-actor process to create possible scenarios for reaching the targets. The project is structured into two strands, which run from start to finish:

  • Production and Markets: the project will analyse where increases in organic farmland can be achieved, and the (socio-economic) impacts of these increases at the level of primary production, value chains and markets. The project will also provide evidence on the mechanisms that can drive demand for organic food and the impact of changing diets and food waste reduction on mitigating the reduced yields from organic production.
  • Knowledge and Innovation: the project will work towards an innovation ecosystem fit for achieving the F2F targets, recognising that the scale of the expansion envisaged will require a transformational approach. It will identify knowledge gaps and opportunities to strengthen advisory services. It will build capacity, and stimulate exchange of scientific and practice-oriented knowledge. Building on the CORE Organic network, it will increase and coordinate R&I investment for organic.

OrganicTargets4EU will facilitate a multi-actor policy dialogue to assess the feasibility of the organic F2F targets and develop policy recommendations for the CAP, EU organic regulation, EU and national organic action plans, Horizon Europe, and horizontal legislation on inputs and public procurement. The policy recommendations will cover short-term options (up to 2027), the next policy reform from 2028 onwards, and a horizon scanning post 2030 for the whole next multi-annual financial framework to 2034.

Duration: 01.09.2022 / End of project 28.02.2026

Funding: European Commission, Horizon Europe