Organic Eprints

Organic Eprints ( is an international open-access archive of electronic documents related to research in organic food and farming. The archive is free and open for all to use, and registered users can deposit their publications from refereed journals as well as non-refereed sources, as long as the publications are based on or related to research in organic agriculture or food. Publications on agroecology are also welcomed if they apply to the context of organic agriculture. The archive contains full-text papers together with bibliographic information, abstracts, and other metadata. It also offers information on organisations, projects, and facilities in the context of organic farming research.

Organic Eprints is the largest archive in the world solely dedicated to publications about research on organic agriculture and has developed continuously since it was established in 2002. Currently the archive includes more than 30,000 eprints.

The Organic Eprints archive has been closely associated with CORE Organic since the network was established in 2004. During all CORE Organic program periods, it has been mandatory for CORE Organic projects to deposit their outputs to Organic Eprints. There are currently uploaded more than 2,400 eprints with affiliation to CORE Organic. By using Organic Eprints as an archive for all CORE Organic projects, it ensures easy access and overview of all projects funded by CORE Organic.

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