Green ERA-Hub

Preserving the achievements of the ERA-Nets and preparing for the future

The Green ERA-Hub (GEH) represents 15 currently active EU ERA-Net Cofunds and self-sustained initiatives in the field of Agri-food and biotechnology. Together with already ended predecessor initiatives, they represent 29 co-ordination actions in which more than 1100 Mio Euro funding has been mobilised via 89 transnational calls. The ERA-Net scheme is a success model for transnational co-operation of national research programmes. The partners consider GEH an ideal measure to continue and extend this fruitful co-operation.

The aims of GEH are to: 

  • continue to build on previous achievements and  urther enhance cross-sector collaborations between Agri-food and biotechnology ERA-Nets, through joint transnational funding of collaborative research projects
  • valorise and implement joint activities supporting the market, regulatory or societal uptake of results after the end of individual ERA-Nets - identify common research and innovation priorities, agreed upon by the participating national programmes, and address them via new joint calls
  • preserve best practice and managerial competences
  • contribute to the planning and complement the implementation of the new HEU Partnerships and  missions - broaden the actions and impact of initiatives towards stakeholders and in terms of geographical coverage
  • contribute to achieve the strategic goals of the SDGs, in particular zero hunger, industry innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, life on land, partnership for the goals, the farm2fork strategy and EU's Green Deal. GEH will provide clear perspectives for ERA-Net (Cofunds), national research funders and researchers in the Agri-food and biotechnology sector to find dedicated support at the level of information, communication, co-operation, networking and joint transnational funding that best fits their needs. In turn, GEH will contribute to maintaining and strengthening EU's highly competitive position in Agri-food and biotechnology research.

Duration: 1 September 2022 - 31 August 2026
Funding: Horizon Europe

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