About CORE Organic Pleiades

The CORE Organic Pleiades network period is implemented in connection with the Horizon Europe project OrganicTargets4EU. The CORE Organic Pleiades Network runs from 1 September 2022 to 1 February 2026 and will focus on both agriculture and aquaculture.

The current objectives of the CORE Organic Pleiades Network are to

  1. Expand and strengthen the CORE Organic network for stronger coordination of R&l Investments in the international organic sector
  2. Align national/regional regulations and structures for more efficient R&l Investments in the organic sector - hence ensuring more efficient regulations in CORE Organic call mechanisms.
  3. Prepare a transnational call funded by the CORE Organic Pleiades Network which support organic reserarch – ideally to be part of the future European Partnership on Agroecology (approximately in 2024)