CORE Organic Annual Meeting 2023

The CORE Organic Annual Meeting 2023 was held on 17-18 October 2023 in Brussels and focused on the HEU partnerships and national organic plans. It was the first annual meeting in the CORE Organic Pleiades period and provided an opportunity for old and new network partners to meet and discuss the objectives of the networks. 

During day 1 the participants engaged in workshops on national organic action plans where research priorities were mapped and clustered in order to identify overlaps, research gaps and temporalities. Some of the common themes identified in the organic actions plans includes knowledge transfer/exchange and capacity building, various cross-cutting thematic research areas and the importance of partnership e.g. among research institutions and private-public partnerships. The results of the workshops will be used to develop a CORE Organic ROADMAP 2030 within the OrganicTargets4EU project, which will guide the future work and efforts of the CORE Organic Pleiades network.

Day 2 of the annual meeting was dedicated to a governing board meeting. This included a presentation on partnerships with the private sectors (FOX-project) and discussions on the network implementation status.

Below you can find the PowerPoint presentations from the annual meeting. In the 'resources' section, you will find a copy of the agenda along with pictures of outcomes from the workshops.