2016 call projects

In December 2016, CORE Organic Cofund consortium, including 26 partners from 19 countries, launched the new call supporting the European transnational organic research;  12 research proposals were selected for the funding.

The selected project proposals are distributed across four thematic areas agreed on the level of consortium:

  • Plant production systems
  • Animal feed
  • Livestock systems
  • Organic food processing


Overview of projects

BIOVINE – creating diversified vineyards with lower input needs

The project BIOVINE will exploit biodiversity in viticultural systems to reduce pest damage and pesticide use, and increase ecosystems services provision.

FreeBirds – improving chicken health and environmental problems in free-range production

FreeBirds will work with optimization of the use of the free-range as a key to improve organic chicken production.

GREENRESILIENT will improve organic greenhouse production

The project GREENRESILIENT will create sustainable and resilient organic and biodynamic vegetable production systems in low-energy greenhouses.

POWER – to strengthen welfare and resilience in organic pig production

The project POWER will contribute to remove significant obstacles in organic pig farming by focusing on the young pigs.

ProRefine – new methods for locally produced feed

ProRefine will explore refined forage legumes as local sources of protein feed for monogastrics and high quality fibre feed for ruminants in organic production.

SureVeg – new diversified cropping systems for vegetables

Strip-cropping and recycling of waste as the basis for biodiverse and resource-efficient intensive vegetable production will be explored in the SUREVEG project.

DOMINO – new strategy for sustainable fruit orchards and vineyards

DOMINO will improve resilience and sustainability of intensive organic fruit orchards and vineyards.

GrazyDaiSy – to promote health and mother-infant contact in organic dairy farming

GrazyDaiSy will develop sustainable grazing-based dairy systems, integrating cows and young stock.

MIX-ENABLE – improving organic mixed livestock farming

MIX-ENABLE will develop the sustainability and robustness of organic animal production on mixed livestock farms in Europe.

ProOrg – Developing a Code of Practice for organic food processing

ProOrg aims to develop a code of practice that will provide strategies and tools for decisions making for food processors and organic labelling organizations.

PROYOUNGSTOCK – research for improved organic young stock rearing

PROYOUNGSTOCK will explore ways to promote young stock and cow health and welfare by natural feeding systems.

SUSORGPLUS – developing smarter organic processing chains

SUSORGPLUS will develop a code of practice to increase sustainability and consumer acceptance.

CORE Organic Cofund is an ERA-NET funded by the European Commission´s
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Contract No. 727495.