A workshop regarding a new strategic research agenda for integrated pest management is scheduled for 18 March, 2015.

2015.01.21 |

Strategic Research Agenda for Integrated Pest Management in Europe

Special note for C-IPM stakeholders regarding a new Strategic Research Agenda

Partners and experts met at the C-IPM annual meeting in Portugal in November 2014. Foto: Janne Hansen

2014.12.13 |

Filling the gaps in IPM research and knowledge exchange

The ERA-net C-IPM is setting the stage for a coordinated effort to prepare calls for research and knowledge exchange in integrated pest management (IPM) in Europe. Existing research, infrastructures and capacities in Europe have been mapped and analysed.

The C-IPM R&D workshop wil be held in Poznan, Poland. Foto: Colourbox

2014.12.03 |

New! Final programme for the C-IPM R&D workshop

A C-IPM research and development workshop will be held at the Hotel Novotel Poznan in Poland back to back with the PURE congress on 13 January 2015. See the final programme.

Major issuses facing the implementation of IPM were discussed in groups at the C-IPM thematic workshop. Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.11.07 |

Implementation of integrated pest management in Europe faces several challenges

The first ERA-net C-IPM workshop focused on current and future challenges for IPM with special regard to policy, market, research, and climate change.

2014.09.08 |

Reminder: Future challenges for IPM in a changing agriculture

C-IPM workshop to be held in Berlin 8 October 2014

2014.07.10 |

C-IPM flyer

The C-IPM flyer gives a brief overview of the ERA-net C-IPM.

2014.07.05 |

Future challenges for IPM in a changing agriculture

A workshop will address the globally important issues of food security, food safety and food quality in relation to integrated pest management.

Photo: Connie Krogh Damgaard

2014.06.12 |

Finding sustainable solutions to support growers of minor crops

One of the work packages in C-IPM focuses on identifying long-term research priorities for developing practical integrated pest management solutions for minor crops and for exceptional plant protection needs in major crops.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.05.14 |

Keep abreast of IPM news

You can now subscribe to a new newsletter regarding coordinated integrated pest management.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2014.05.13 |

European collaboration on integrated pest management

A new EU project will help coordinate the European research efforts in integrated pest management. Ministries and research institutions from 21 countries are represented in the project.

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