Strategic research agenda

C-IPM has prepared a strategic research agenda for integrated pest management in Europe with the aim of promoting coordinated efforts in the area.

A strategic research agenda for integrated pest management in Europe has been prepared by C-IPM. The C-IPM strategic research agenda provides recommendations regarding future European and national integrated pest management (IPM) research challenges and on how to enhance implementation of IPM for sustainable crop production. The document is intended for researchers, policy makers and all stakeholders involved in the sector of plant protection. 

The strategic research agenda is based on results of previous initiatives of the Standing Committee of Agricultural Research Collaborative Working Group on IPM (SCAR CWG). C-IPM has mapped national research needs and priorities and held workshops on national research programmes and infrastructures. The results of these efforts have been used to elaborate and complement the SCAR report in order to prepare the C-IPM strategic research agenda.

The overall objective of the strategic research agenda is to describe short, medium and long-term priorities for IPM research. The aim is to identify gaps and enable enhanced implementation of IPM in Europe. The strategic research agenda will lay the groundwork for the implementation of joint transnational research.

You can download the C-IPM Strategic Research Agenda for IPM in Europe here.

You can download the Executive Summary here.