Report from SRA workshop available for download

On 18 March 2015 the ERA-Net C-IPM hosted a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) Workshop in Paris. The main outcomes and conclusions from the discussions are now available for download.

Participants from 20 European countries met in Paris to discuss the SRA for IPM (integrated pest management) in Europe.

A group of 65 participants from 20 European countries - including C-IPM partners, researchers, policy makers, government officials and agricultural advisors - met in March to discuss the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for IPM (integrated pest management) in Europe.

The overall objective of the workshop was to critically discuss the overall content and the comments received from the public consultation in the light of their relevance as well as to collect different points of view which improve the SRA.

The final objective was to prepare a revised SRA and in the course to be further finalized also to include relevant information for short-to-medium as well as for long term IPM priorities for Europe.

The second draft of the SRA (the revised version) will be available on this website for further comments for two and half months (from mid-July to last September) prior to its finalization (within December 2015).

The SRA workshop began with a welcome address and a brief introduction of the ERA-Net C-IPM by the C-IPM coordinator, Antoine Messéan. The participants were informed about the networking project, its objectives, activities carried out to date and those to be performed in the next two years. In addition, the C-IPM coordinator also highlighted the IPM challenges in Europe and introduced the draft of the SRA, its structure and briefly described the methods of the process.

The opening session was followed by an interactive session presented by the C-IPM scientific officer, Jay Ram Lamichhane. During this session, the comments received in the public consultation and their relevance to the SRA were discussed. More specifically, comments related to the three questions asked in the public consultation and general comments were discussed and/or clarified. The detail of the discussion is presented in the report below.

The afternoon interactive session of the SRA workshop focused on the discussion of the comments received from public consultation related to the four specific core-themes. In this session, chaired by Per Kudsk, WP4 leader of C-IPM, four speakers briefly presented the importance of the core-themes for IPM research and development in Europe and also listed the comments received from public consultation to trigger the discussion.

The talks formed the basis of the afternoon discussions.

The main outcomes and conclusions from the discussions are presented in this report:


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