Second round of stakeholder comments

C-IPM and all stakeholders are once again invited to contribute to the consultation of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). It will be open until 30 September 2015

The second round consultation of the SRA document will be open until 30th September 2015. Photo: Colourbox

In the spring of 2015, C-IPM and all stakeholders were invited to contribute to the consultation of the first draft of the SRA. Following the deadline, a group of 65 participants from 20 European countries met in March in Berlin to discuss the SRA.

As a result of this, a revised version of the C-IPM SRA is now available for further comments.

Download the revised version

The overall objective of the workshop was to critically discuss the overall content and the comments received from the public consultation in the light of their relevance as well as to collect different points of view which improve the SRA. Most of the comments received have been considered for the revision of the document.

All C-IPM partners and stakeholders are invited to contribute to the second round consultation of the SRA document which will be open until 30 September 2015.

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After the deadline, the document will be subject to ultimate revision prior to its official finalization and submission to the European Commission by December 2015.

The C-IPM coordination thanks you in advance for your collaboration.

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