Real Life Case, László Lévai, Kompolt, Hungary

Focus on adding manure, residue management and minimising tillage operations through subsoiling

Location of farm in Hungary       László Lévai who runs a 75ha arable farm in Kompolt
Location of farm in Hungary László Lévai who runs a 75ha arable  farm in Kompolt

In Hungary  SmartSOIL partner Andras Molnar spoke to László Lévai who runs a 75ha arable (winter wheat, rape, sunflowers) farm in Kompolt. The soil is loam with some sandy areas prone to drought and heat stress during summer. He applies manure and recycles crop residues in order to improve the soil structure.  He also tries to minimise tillage operations to protect the soil, so when conditions he uses a subsoiler instead of a plough. These practices contribute to better soil functioning, which leads to better yields overall. For more details see below

Video - Demonstrating on farm SmartSOIL practices in Hungary

This video demonstrates SmartSOIL practices on a farm in northern Hungary. We take a look at how László, a farmer in Kompolt, engages in smart soil practices to improve his soil. He uses both reduced tillage and residue management to keep his soil healthy. Watch to find out more.