Real Life Case, Bjarne Hansen, Kruusesminde, Denmark

Focus on minimum tillage, crop rotation and residue management

Location Kruusesminde, Zealand, Denmark Bjarne Hansen at Kruusesminde

In Denmark SmartSOIL partner Bhim Bahadur Ghaley and Jens G. Hansen spoke to Bjarne Hansen who runs a 279ha mixed farm on Zealand. The soil has a high silt content which makes it difficult for Bjarne to manage the soil so he has incorporated minimum tillage and residue management into his crop rotations in order to improve soil structure and fertility across the whole farm.

Video - Demonstrating on farm SmartSOIL practices in Denmark

In this video Bjarne Hansen, a Danish farmer on the West coast of Zealand, speaks about how he spent 20 years improving soil fertility by introducing reduced tillage in combination with a diverse crop rotation scheme. Jørgen Olesen, Professor at Aarhus University explains how the EU project SmartSOIL has studied how the amount of carbon in the soil, but also the flows of carbon are important for soil fertility. Finally, Rene Gislum, Aarhus University, talks about how the project SOILSPEC takes an interdisciplinary approach that includes participants from the university, private companies, consultancy and farmers on the development of new methods for fast, easy and cheap ways to determine soil carbon content and other parameters related to soil fertility.