About the Plant2Food project


In Plant2Food we have a dream: To increase the productivity and profitability of Danish and Northern-European plant-based food production industsies and create a sustainable food system based on circularity principles and ecofriendly production systems. 

We want to create the foods of the future and help replace animal-based foods with plant-based foods. The transition has already started and the Plant2Food project will focus it's resources on providing the knowledge base for developing new nutritios, tasty and affordable plant-based food products.

We know it takes hard work. But we've lined up skilled collaboration partners and together we will work hard to establish open collaborations between industry and academia. The collaborations will be across sectors and research fields, and they will all support basic (pre-competitive) research that can foster down-stream innovation.

On this page, you can information about how the Plant2Food project is set-up. If you can't find the information you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us.

Plant2Food's vision is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, plant-based food system, which is healthy for both the planet and its population by building a leading hub for plant-based food research and innovation.


Plant2Food is all about openness and collective problemsolving. That's the essence of Open Innovation in Science (OIS)

In practice, this means that:

  • Collaborations are across industry and academia
  • The research is pre-competitive and patent-free (TRL 1-3)
  • All knowledge and results must be shared openly with the public as soon as possible

Although Plant2Food funds open collaboration projects at early TRL levels, they are highly inspired by industry needs and our overall mission is to accelerate downstream innovation. While noone can patent our open results, anyone can use them for downstream commercial purposes and even protect specific applications.

Use the link to the right to read more about the OIS model.


Openness is an important part of the Plant2Food project. Plant2Food is a pre-competitive OIS platform (se above) where knowledge, insights, and experiences are openly shared between academia, industry, and the general public.

The data is continuously shared through open databases and repositories and to Plant2Food's community on Zenodo. This means that you can always find and access all results from the projects via Zenodo, when they are initiated by late 2023/early 2024. All papers published from the projects funded by Plant2Food must be published under open-access protocols.

You can find more information about our approach to openness via the link to the right.


The Plant2Food project is administered by a small secretariat based at Aarhus University. The international project is governed by a Steering Group, whose members are high-level representatives from both our partnering universities, core industry partners, Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, and NGOs. Among other things, the Steering Group decides which project proposals to fund.

In addition to the Steering Group, Plant2Food has a Review Committee, which evaluates the incoming funding proposals and nominates these to the Steering Group.

The Food & Bio Cluster Denmark is a valuable partner, which will support the secretariat on a consultancy level.

You can read more about the organisational structure and governance via the link to the right.