Plant2Food's vision is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, plant-based food system, which is healthy for both the planet and its population by building a leading hub for plant-based food research and innovation.

Focus on plant-based foods

We want to create the foods of the future and help making a plant-based diet the preferred diet for the majority consumer. The transition has already started and the Plant2Food project will focus it's resources on providing the knowledge base for developing new nutritios, tasty and affordable plant-based food products.

Pre-competitive collaborations across sectors

We know it takes hard work. But we've lined up skilled collaboration partners and together we will work hard to establish open collaborations between the food sector and academia. The collaborations will be across sectors and research fields, and they will all support basic (pre-competitive) research that can foster down-stream innovation.

The open aspect

The project partners must share their knowledge and results openly. Therefore, the project partners - and everyone following the openly-shared progress of the project - have early access to the new knowledge. All project partners waive their claims to take IP on knowledge generated from the projects.

We believe that open sharing creates a solid knowledge foundation that everyone can benefit from. The knowledge from our projects is free for everyone to use or bring in to new (IP-protected) projects and innovation. The results are that the innovation process is shortened significantly.

Organisation and governance

Plant2Food Organisation

The diagram illustrates the organisational structure of Plant2Food. The different bodies are described in more detail through the link below.