Join the Plant2Food Community on WolrdLabs

Plant2Food has a community on the WorldLabs platform. This is where you can apply for funding.

Sign up, connect with the community and go to the community-tap called "Opportunities". Then you will be presentet with the three Grant Types. Choose the one that you are going to apply for. Now you can read the introduction and guidelines - and apply!

On our WorldLabs community you can also find Word and Excel templates that you can use as working documents and guides.

Furthermore you can discover a plethora of other opportunities on our WorldLabs community - You can participate in the forum, post project ideas, find recordings of pitches, launches, events and many other things. 

The Plant2Food community on WolrdLabs is always update, so you can find the newest information, material and events,

Below, there are direct links to where you can find the various elements.

However, please note that you need to have registered on WorldLabs to use these.