Discussions during the FACCE SURPLUS end term meeting. Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich / Wilhelm-Peter Schneider

2018.12.19 | News from the management

New synergies emerged at the FACCE SURPLUS end term meeting

Researchers from all of Europe met in Düsseldorf when FACCE SURPLUS hosted the end term meeting for the projects funded in the 1st call. Outputs from these projects will be used to prepare the next activities focusing on the valorization of research.

A new project will further explore and develop the use of biochar based fertilizers, based on recycling of farm and forest residues. Photo: Colourbox

2018.12.19 | Research news

New project will develop advanced biochar fertilizers

A new project aims to develop a fertilizer based on available organic surplus residues that can replace conventional fertilizers, increase resource use efficiency and offer economic returns to farmers.

The coordinator of FACCE SURPLUS, Nicolas Tinois, was invited to present the ERA-NET in Canada.

2018.12.19 | News from the management

FACCE SURPLUS at the International Bioeconomy Forum

FACCE SURPLUS presented during the yearly meeting of the International Bioeconomy Forum in Ottawa (CA).