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The orbit

DISCO-2 is to be launched in 2024 with Momentus, which brings the satellite into a solar-synchronous polar orbit. The height above sea level will be between 500km and 600km, which gives an expected lifetime of 2-5 years mainly depending on the Sun's activity and the exact height of the deployment. The polar solar-synchronous orbit means that DISCO-2 will pass over a point near the poles about 15 times a day while the Earth rotates one turn under the satellite. The orbit and the Earth's rotation fit in a way so that the satellite will pass the same point on Earth at the same time each day. At approx. 15 times a day, the satellite's cameras will be able to see the desired areas in Greenland during several passages both day and night. The most interesting period for studying ecosystems in Greenland is in the summer, which means that the passages are still lit up by the Sun at night.