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Crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding result:115.964 DKK

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

DISCO stands for DanIsh Student Cubesat prOgram, and we consist of students from 4 universities in Denmark; Aalborg University, Aarhus University, IT University and University of Southern Denmark. We come mainly from science and engineering educations, but we all have in common that we are passionate about satellites and want to make a difference.

On DISCO-2, the second satellite in the DISCO project, we want 3 cameras, 2 optical and 1 infrared, as well as reaction wheels for control and precise orientation. With this satellite we will be able to photograph certain areas on Greenland's east coast (and elsewhere on Earth if we want) and thus contribute to studies of climate change through our collaboration with the Arctic Research Center, which is located at Aarhus University.

For this ambitious project to become a reality, we need your help. We therefore hope that you will support the climate, support climate research and therefore support this mission!

- The DISCO-2 team

DISCO-2 is run by students from AU and ITU, who participate in all aspects of the mission from design, fundraising, assembly of the satellite to operation when the satellite is sent into space. The project is led by employees at AU and ITU.

With a relatively small contribution, you can help finance a satellite mission, which will generate data that can be used in research on climate change and that students and researchers from, among others, AU can work with in the future.

The DISCO 2 mission is estimated to cost around 2.4 mio DKK. This includes the satellite itself, a groundstation and the launch. The project has recieved 1.6 mio DKK in funding already from the Industry Foundation and the Thomas B. Triges Fond. This crowdfunding campaign aims to secure the last part.

The crowdfunding campagn was hosted at Booomerang.dk

We had designed different contribution levels

From DKK 50 (minimum) to DKK 249:

Newsletter by email for 2 years from successful launch.

Your name on a "picture of the day" on websites and social media and on our sponsor web page.

1 lottery ticket where you can win a presentation of control rooms and lectures after successful launch.

From DKK 250 to DKK 499:

In addition to the above, you get here:

2 extra tickets in the lottery where you can win a demonstration of control rooms and lectures on DISCO-2.

Suggest GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) on Earth for an image when DISCO-2 has just been launched (add as comment). We do not guarantee that we will have time to take all the pictures or that we will hit the right place on Earth.

From DKK 500 to DKK 999:

In addition to the above, you get here:

Invitation to lecture on DISCO-2 after successful launch and presentation of control room. Get an update on the status of the mission and presentation of the control room, from which commands are sent to DISCO-2 and data is retrieved.

From DKK 1,000 to DKK 49,999:

In addition to the above, you get here:

Invitation to a live event at Aarhus University in connection with the launch of DISCO-2. Hear students and researchers talk about the mission and follow live when the rocket with DISCO-2 on board is sent up with comments from the mission team.

From DKK 50,000:

We create a tailor-made solution specifically for you or your company. This could include:

Invitation to VIP live event at Aarhus University in connection with the launch of DISCO-2

Exclusive presentation on DISCO-2 with presentation of control room and live contact to the satellite

Get your (company) name engraved on the satellite

Contact us!

The winners of the lottery have the opportunity for a tour of our control room and subsequent presentations on the status of the mission. 5-10 winners will be drawn at a time and approx. one team per month after DISCO-2's launch.

Every day a "picture of the day" is selected, this is displayed on our websites and on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.). Today's picture will be annotated with a text "Today's picture is sponsored by: xxxx", where the name is selected at random from the contributors.