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Campaign goals

The proposed DISCO-2 satellite will cost a total of around DKK 2,4 million. This includes launch, a ground station and the satellite itself. With the basic funding from the Danish Industry Foundation of DKK 800.000, we were thus missing a bit more than a million Danish kroner.
In October 2021 we received an additional 800.000 DKK from Thomas B. Triges Fond and to have the mission fully funded we needed an extra 600.000 DKK.

With the crowdfunding campaign, we were thus trying to collect the missing funds needed to realize this mission.

THE GOAL was: DKK 900,000.00

The goal of 900.000 DKK was higher than what was needed because of the commission from the external company hosting the crowdfunding campaign and because it is including VAT.
However, the campaign had no upper limit, as additional funds could contribute to training material in the form of individual components (for example: satellite computer for software development and tests, radio and antenna for testing communication and procedure, a satellite shell for teaching and training in assembling a satellite, etc.). If it had exceeded all expectations, additional funds would go to the DISCO program and future satellites.

If we did not reach the goal, the mission would simply be scaled down accordingly.