Large amounts of agricultural waste, municipal landscaping, gardening waste and post-consumer wood are buried, dumped or, even burnt. This could be avoided by using such resources in biorefineries and encouraging small-scale flexi-feedstock biorefineries (SFB).

2018.11.26 | Research news

New project focuses on ways to use local underutilized waste streams in small-scall biorefineries

Urban, agricultural and industrial activities generate sources of biomass wastes still underexploited. They offer a potential feedstock for biorefinery. Small-scale biorefineries have to answer critical challenges to demonstrate their benefits compared to large scale solutions.

2018.11.21 | Research news

Pre-Announcement of 3rd FACCE SURPLUS Call for proposals

FACCE-JPI and FACCE SURPLUS pre-announce the upcoming call for joint research projects. The indicative available budget amounts to 6M€. The call is expected to open on 09.01.2019 with a closing date for pre-proposals on 19.03.2019.