Crop production

Some of the most important issues to be addressed regarding organic crop production relates to sufficient N supply and weed control. By addressing these issues the crop production can achieve higher and more stable yield. In order to do so, reserarch much find innovative ways to improve the organic crop production, e.g. through processing methods, intercropping, crop diversification and reduced tillage. The below CORE Organic projects addressed crop production. 

ProRefine - New methods for producing high quality feed locally    

ProRefine aimed to improve local organic food systems, by developing new processing methods to produce high-quality feed for pigs and poultry from locally grown forages.

SCOOP - Developing intercropping systems with camelina to increase the yield and quality parameters of local underutilized crops

The SCOOP project works with the identification of the best intercropping systems with the resilient oil crop Camelina, grown together with different local crops.

PROVIDA - Crop diversification and weeds

PROVIDA investigated crop diversification and its impacts on weeds and produced guidelines for crop diversification measures that will improve the management of weeds.

TILMAN-ORG  - Integrating reduced tillage and green manures in organic cropping systems

TILMAN-ORG investigated how green manure, and reduced tillage can improve biodiversity, productivity, nutrient use, weed management, and lower carbon footprints.

DIVERSILIENCE - Improves the productivity and resilience of organic crop production by better utilization of crop diversity

DIVERSILIENCE explores the possibility to increase the use of novel types of intercropping, to improve productivity and resilience in organic plant production.

ALL-IN - Alfalfa for sustainable livestock farming systems: Improve alfalfa-rhizobia symbiosis and new feeding strategy based on ecological leftovers

ALL-IN worked to increase the sustainability of livestock farming by utilizing alfalfa in local areas, combined with balanced diets for ovines with alfalfa and local biproducts.

COBRA - Supporting and developing European organic plant breeding and seed production

 COBRA addressed the increasing challenge of climate change, as well as weeds and seed borne pathogens, which current and future crop production is facing.

AGTEC-Org - Methods to improve quality in organic wheat

AGTEC-Org identified ways to improve the performance of organic wheat and flour to enhance baking quality, nutritional value, health and sensory characteristics of organic flour.