There are strict requirements to animal welfare in organic cattle production e.g. regarding feed, barn, pasture and use of medication. The CORE Organic network has funded several research projects focused on organic cattle, the projects address cow-calf rearing, grazing systems, health and welfare planning and breeding. You can explore the projects by clicking on the link below. 

GrazyDaiSy - Cows meet their natural needs through health-support, grazing and cow-calf-togetherness   

GrazyDaiSy investigated how to manage mixed age groups of cows, including rearing calves with their dams, whilst maintaining a high level of health and a constant effort to minimize medication.

ORGANICDAIRYHEALTH - Improving animal health and welfare in organic cattle milk production through breeding and management

 ORGANICDAIRYHEALTH aimed to improve animal health and welfare in organic dairy herds, through breeding and management, by addressing the ongoing challenge of diseases, such as mastitis.

ANIPLAN - Planning for better animal health and welfare in dairy herds (ANIPLAN)

ANIPLAN aimed to minimize the use of veterinary interventions, in organic dairy herds through animal health and welfare planning.

ProYoungStock - Young stock and cows benefit from natural feeding systems   

ProYoungStock collected, developed, and assessed natural feeding strategies to increase dairy livestock welfare, including health in different agro-ecological and regulatory European contexts

2-ORG-COWS - Towards preventive health management in native dual-purpose cattle adapted to organic pasture based production systems.

 2-ORG-COWS aimed to develop an overall organic breeding value and organic indices for the improvement of health, product quality, fertility, longevity, and welfare of dual-purpose cattle.

PhytoMilk - What makes organic milk healthy?

PhytoMilk investigated how different parameters linked to forage affect the composition and quality of organic dairy milk.