Fruit, vegetables and viticulture

It is important to maintain and strengthen the yield of organic fruit, vegetables and viticulture production in order to remain competitive compared to conventional production. Since 2004, CORE Organic has funded projects that aimed to improve productivity through various methods such as innovative pest and weed management, waste recycling and improvement of soil fertility. These projects contribute to improving the organic fruit, vegetables and viticulture production and improve sustainability while remaining competitive. Find more information about the projects funded by CORE organic below. 

BioVine - Plant diversity in the vineyard can help controlling grapevine pests

BioVine worked with plant diversity in vineyards to naturally control pests, reduce pesticide dependence, and increase plant health and services provided by ecosystems.

SureVeg - Strip-cropping and recycling of waste and plant biomass for biodiverse and resource-efficient intensive vegetable production    

The project SureVeg analyzed the use of strip-cropping and fertility strategies, based on recycling of waste, plant-based soil improvers and fertilizers.

ResBerry - Resilient organic berry cropping systems through enhanced biodiversity and innovative management strategies

ResBerry aimed to enhance biodiversity in European organic berry orchards in order to increase resilience of berries against major pests and diseases.

SPiwi - Sustainable production of innovative sparkling wine

SPiwi aimed to investigate and optimize strategies for production of future oriented organic Sparkling wines, made from ‘Piwi’ (fungus-resistant) grape varieties.

GreenResilient - How to implement agroecological practices in organic greenhouse production in Europe

GreenResilient aimed to demonstrate that transition to agroecological approach to organic greenhouse production is feasible in almost any latitude in Europe.

DOMINO - Innovative orchard management enhances soil fertility, biodiversity and economic sustainability

The DOMINO project investigated how to improve the resilience and sustainability of intensive organic fruit orchards and vineyards.

Bio4Food - High quality and nutrient rich food through crop waste-derived biostimulant and biopesticide

The Bio4Food project studied how fruit- and vegetable production can decrease the use of pesticides, whilst maintaining a profitable crop production.

MILDsusFRUIT - Innovative Mild Processing Tailored to Ensure Sustainable and High Quality Organic Fruit Products

The project addressed quality and sustainability of fruit processing via optimization of mild technologies. 

Other CORE Organic projects

  • EcoBerries - Ensuring quality and safety of organic food along the processing chain
  • FaVOR-DeNonDe - Drying, Juices and Jams of Organic Fruit and Vegetables: What happens to Desired and Non-Desired compounds?
  • ReSolVe - Restoring optimal Soil functionality in degraded areas within organic Vineyards
  • BICOPOLL - High yields of healthy strawberries requires effective biocontrol and pollinators
  • BIO-INCROP - Biodiversity and natural resources for new technologies in organic fruit production
  • InterVeg - Enhancing multifunctional benefits of cover crops - vegetables intercropping
  • Softpest Multitrap - Management of pest insects in organic strawberry and raspberry fields
  • VinemanOrg - Enhancing organic grape production through a more efficient control of the grape diseases