Mixed farming, food systems and landscapes

In order to maintain and improve the sustainability of organic farming it is important to investigate possibilities of alternative production systems. This may entail mixed farming systems and diversification, which can foster more robust and resilient productions while reducing climate and environmental impacts. Below you can explore CORE Organic projects, which have sought to diversify production and food systems. 

ALL-Organic - Agroecology Living Labs to promote robust and resilient Organic production systems

ALL-Organic promote a functional network of experiences, models, and systems able to support diversification of organic food systems to implement robust and resilient organic productions.

ROAM-FREE - Robust animals in sustainable mixed free-range systems

The ROAM-FREE project investigates the potential to create mixed free-range production systems, that combine organic pig production with other livestock, cash crops or trees.

Mix-Enable - Strategies for- sustainable and robust organic mixed livestock farming     

Mix-Enable explored conditions of sustainability and robustness of organic mixed livestock farms, especially the influence of integration between farm components on the aforementioned factors.

FOOdIVERSE - Diversifying sustainable and organic food systems

FOOdIVERSE produced practice-oriented knowledge on how diversity in diets, novel food supply chains and food governance contributes to more organic and sustainable food systems.