Human health

Sickness and poor quality of life have great consequences for both the individual and society. Organic food production differs from conventional production in a number of aspects, which can have direct or indirect effects on public health, food security and the composition of diet. Organic food production is managed in a precautionary and responsible manner which entails opt-out or greatly reduced use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers, antibiotics and additives. Below you can explore research projects related to human health.

SusOrgPlus - Intelligent food processing chains & natural additives and colourants

The SusOrgPlus project aimed to improve the sustainability of organic food processing and the nutritional value of processed organic produce.

MI-WINE - Mild Innovative Treatment for Wine Stabilisation

MI-WINE explored the possibilities to create a mild and innovative treatment for wine stabilization to obtain a fast and cost-effective process by using engineered high-performance material.

PathOrganic - Risks and recommendations regarding human pathogens in organic vegetable production chains

PathOrganic investigated the occurrence of human pathogenic bacteria in manure and in vegetable production systems, and transmission pathways from manure to soil and organic plant crops.

QACCP - How to assure safety, health and sensory qualities of organic products

QACCP’s objective was to optimize organic production and processing in order to improve food quality and increase health-promoting aspects in consumer products.

HO-FOOD - Innovative high pressure process to increase the preservation of ready-to-eat Organic FOOD

HO-FOOD’s overall goal was to foster the whole fresh vegetable food chain via the development of a new food pasteurization technique.

SafeOrganic - Will consumers benefit from restricted antibiotic usage in organic pigs?

SafeOrganic studied whether organic pigs in different European countries show lower levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria compared to conventional pigs.

PhytoMilk - What makes organic milk healthy?

The PhytoMilk project investigated how different parameters linked to forage affect the composition and quality of organic dairy milk.