Work packages

WP 1

Development of smart processing chains:
The objective of this WP is to develop dynamic multi factorial process control strategies using machine learning architectures paired with microcontrollers and single-board computers to produce premium quality dried animal and plant based and further processed (extracts and powders) products.   

WP 2

Climate neutral drying of organic products:
The objective of this WP is to prototype the heat pump drying at TRL 6 in close cooperation with the supply industry for driers and heat pumps so as to maximise energy efficiency and simultaneously increase the product quality, to validate the concept and proof of concept/system verification.    

WP 3

Development of value added natural extracts/colourants:
The objective of this WP is to develop innovative dried products made of extracts plant/vegetable juices and fruit pulps by the use of drying and encapsulation techniques. These innovative ingredients will be then used as natural additives and ingredients to enhance stability of processed products and as natural colouring and flavouring agents (WP4). Dried products obtained in WP1 activities will be also processed into powders and their technological functionality and shelf-life will be investigated (WP5).    

WP 4

Application of the natural additives and colourants, and development of innovative organic products:
Objective of the WP is the application of value added natural additives/colourants developed by WP3 as functional/nutritional ingredients and/or natural colourants for (1) selected organic dried food stuffs and (2) development of innovative organic foods. 

WP 5

Quality and sensory assessment and evaluation:
Objective of this WP is to evaluate and assess the quality and sensory parameters of dried products from WPs1-2 and products developed in WPs3-4, to (1) assess the benefits of the smart process control in comparison to classical approaches and (2) to assess the benefits of the developed additives and colourants on shelf-life, nutritional and nutraceutical performance as well as consumer evaluation and trained panel evaluation of the products. Results from the assessment will be fed back to improve process settings and control in WPs1-4.    

WP 6

Value chain integration, Life Cycle assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost analysis (LCCA):
Objective of this WP is to assess and evaluate the actions taken in previous WPs, using the approaches of integrated value chain management, LCA, LCCA in terms of resource efficiency, through minimizing losses in the primary production and processing, and increase of energy efficiency when using heat pumps. Obtained data will facilitate the extension of the SusOrganic data base.    


Stakeholder Engagement, Student Involvement and Dissemination:
Objective of this WP is to co-design all elements of the project with the relevant stakeholders; students involved in the scientific work and events/exchanges. Dissemination includes general dissemination materials, scientific, technical, professional (conferences, papers, etc.). In this WP, training and knowledge transfer activities, workshops will also be planned.    

WP 8

Project Management and Coordination:
Objective of this WP is the project coordination and management, the organization of project meetings and to set up a communication structure.    

CORE Organic Cofund is an ERA-NET funded by the European Commission´s
Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Contract No. 727495.