CORE Organic Cofund is a collaboration between 27 partners in 19 countries/regions on initiating transnational research projects in the area of organic food and farming. CORE Organic Cofund has in total initiated twelve research projects based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Commission.    

CORE Organic is an ERA-NET - a network of European ministries and research councils funding research in organic food systems at national levels. The main focus of the ERA-NET is to join forces and fund transnational research projects support a focused and coordinated research and innovation effort covering the most important challenges along the organic value chains.  

CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems".

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Photo 1 (left): The first colostrum drinking just after calving. Photo 2 (right): Suckling calf. Background: Linseeds which cows were additionally fed.

2022.01.05 | Agriculture and food

Linseed supplementation of dairy cows that improve colostrum immunological quality

To prevent health problems, calves should be fed only high-quality colostrum containing at least 50 g/L of immunoglobulins. A study, carried out within the ProYoungStock project, leads to the recommendation that cows should get 300 g linseeds (rich in Omega-3 FA) daily at least 30 days before calving until 30 days after calving.

Calves kept together with their mothers and having outdoor access all year around. Photo: Karin Alvåsen.

2022.01.05 | Agriculture and food

Keeping dairy cows and calves together

As part of the ProYoungStock project, on-farm trials were conducted on two commercial organic dairy farms in Sweden. Cows on both farms were loose-housed and milked in automatic milking systems. Some of the cows and calves on these farms were included in the study.

A close-up photo of the difference in sward composition before and after harvesting with the PremAlfa Mini. Photo: David Parsons.

2022.01.05 | Agriculture and food

Testing the PremAlfa Mini leaf stripping machine in mixed leys in Sweden

As part of the ProRefine project, the PremAlfa Mini leaf stripping machine was tested in mixed leys of grass and red clover in Northern Sweden. Results suggest that the machine is able to primarily harvest clover leaves, leaving the remaining clover stems and grass for conventional harvest.

GREENRESILIENT partners at the final project meeting in Rome, Italy in September 2021. Photo: Tittarelli, 2021

2022.01.04 | Agriculture and food

Innovative systems for organic greenhouse production: transnational European project just ended

The GREENRESILIENT project (Organic and bio-dynamic vegetable production in low-energy GREENhouses – sustainable, RESILIENT and innovative food production systems), which ran from April 2018 to October 2021, demonstrates that an agroecological approach to greenhouse production is feasible and allows the establishment of robust agroecosystems in…

Soil life supported by living mulches.

2022.01.04 | Agriculture and food

The main results of DOMINO to improve organic orchard management

The project DOMINO was meant to increase biodiversity and use of organic residues, reducing external inputs and improving sustainability in intensive organic fruit systems. It achieved the objectives and potentially introduced a new orchard design.

A group of fatteners in a large clearing in the forest in Italy. Photo: Davide Bochicchio.

2021.12.21 | Agriculture and food

Innovative production systems for organic pigs in EU

The project POWER evaluated innovative grazing systems in Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. Common features are rotational systems protecting pasture areas as regards vegetation cover and nutrient leaching besides focus on natural behaviour.

2021.11.16 | Agriculture and food

Food industry by-products: waste or promising resource?

Food industries produce huge amounts of unwanted by-products, which are often discarded, used as low-quality animal feed or in the energy sector. However, most by-products show potential for valorization based on their nutritional composition

Fig. 1: Grapebunch infected by fungi resulting in loss of yield and quality
Fig. 2: A grapebunch of the disease tolerant variety Souvignier gris
Fig. 3: Percentage of age category that indicates to drink champagne, prosecco, cava, crémant and/or sekt
Fig. 4: Number of times a wine was preferred above the other four wines in a blind test
Fig. 5: Microvinification of sparkling wines of the SPiwi-project at WBI Freiburg
Fig. 5b: Microvinification of sparkling wines of the SPiwi-project at WBI Freiburg

2021.11.16 | Agriculture and food

Sustainable production of innovative sparkling wine

The SPiwi-project investigates and optimizes strategies for the production of oriented organic ‘SParkling’ wines, made from ‘Piwi’ (fungus-resistant) grape varieties. These relatively new varieties require research to optimise their vinification potential.

Press cakes made from dehulled, hulled and partially dehulled sunflower seeds (from left to right).

2021.11.16 | Agriculture and food

Things are growing – fermentation of side stream blends in FERBLEND

Sustainable production which, among others, addresses waste reduction and the exploration of innovative ways to increase resource efficiency is one of the major challenges of the food chain. The project FERBLEND aims at valorizing blends of two side streams through fermentation, namely press cakes from organic oilseed processing and whey from…

Pictures show nodules of Medicago sativa inoculated with a mix of S. meliloti Rm1021 RFP-tagged and GR4 GFP-tagged (A); S. meliloti BL225C RFP-tagged and USDA1157 GFP-tagged (C) or KH35c GFP-tagged (D); S. meliloti AK83 RFP-tagged and HM006 GFP-tagged (B and E).

2021.11.16 | Agriculture and food

Decoding the competition pattern among rhizobia for the formulation of elite inoculants to enhance alfalfa production

The selection of rhizobia with high competition abilities, and more adapted to stressful conditions, is fundamental to formulate elite inoculants for enhancing alfalfa yield and improving its growth in marginal areas.

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