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Arctic Research Center

The ARC focuses on the melting cryosphere and its feedback on the climate system and its effects on ecosystems and societies. This involves research, education and collaboration with business as well as consulting services to national and international government agencies and institutions, communities and the general public. The ARC works both nationally and internationally to increase cooperation and ensure a coherent effort in the Arctic region. The Center has an interdisciplinary approach to adequately address contemporary and critical Arctic issues. Therefore, a large number of researchers from a wide range of different disciplines have joined forces.

The Arctic is without borders, and so is the ARC. Researchers with different focus areas have therefore joined forces to study the effects of climate change on the Arctic cryosphere, ecosystems, and their impact on future Arctic livelihoods and societies. The ARC is also looking at how a melting Arctic will affect connected global processes and social systems. Joint field campaigns constitute a focal point in ARC's work and an effective means of uniting and integrating the various subject areas involved, which evokes interdisciplinary collaboration and synergy.

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