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Honey bee pollen

What is the relationship between pollen diet, varroa infestation and winter mortality in landscapes in Denmark

The project aims to (1) identify key pollen sources during the flowering season in different regions and landscape types in Denmark, and furthermore to (2) investigate growth rate of varroa and (3) winter mortality of colonies placed in different landscape contexts and differing in pollen diet.   


In this project, we investigate the impact of pollen nutrition on honey bee health, and the influence of the land use composition of the surrounding landscape for pollen collection in honey bee colonies.
Results will contribute to knowledge about the relationship between landscape composition, pollen collection by bees (and hence pollen diet), population growth of varroa, and winter mortality of honey bee colonies. Results will be used to optimize pollen collection and bee health through the spatial distribution of bee hives.     


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Yoko Luise Dupont

Senior Researcher Department of Ecoscience - Terrestrial Ecology

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The Danish Agricultural Agency