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Related projects


Related projects with SESS staff involvement

WINGS (RCN) - Pollinator-friendly cultural landscapes: Solutions for managing habitats under pressure

  • Developing solutions to manage and restore pollinator-friendly cultural landscapes in all parts of Norway.

PolliRestore (NDA) - Tool for locating cultural landscape elements where restoration will promote their value as pollinator habitats in the agricultural landscape

  •  Developing a tool to support farmers with carrying out comprehensive measures for the conservation of pollinators in the agricultural landscape.

Better Beekeeping Practice (LBST) - Demonstrating control of Varroa mites without chemicals

  • Demonstrating how to determine which bee families need Varroa pest control by counting mites via early sampling.

Closed projects

MetaComNet (RCN) - Linking metacommunity dynamics to the structure of ecological networks and ecosystem functioning

  • Developing statistical models for producing spatial predictions of the robustness of bee plant interactions and ultimately predict how pollen limitation varies along gradients of land use intensification and habitat isolation.