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Field Ecospace

Field Ecospace: Consideration of nature in organic farming

This project is a pilot project which aims to qualify the possibility to document the organic farm contributions to support biodiversity and thus fulfilling the EU's objectives for increased biodiversity in arable land.


The biodiversity crisis is indisputable - it includes the agricultural production areas where documentation of significant declines at the population level for a number of species that are typical of the farmland ecosystem are found. Both at national and international level, there are goals to promote biodiversity in the arable land, but there is a lack of approaches and tools to be able to solve the established nature goals for agriculture.

This pilot project attempts to qualify the possibility to document the organic farm contributions to supporting biodiversity. This must be done by creating a solid foundation for a future major development project for quantifying biodiversity at farm level by building a thorough overview of relevant existing knowledge, carrying out a stakeholder analysis, identifying future partners, formulating the core narrative of the land sharing approach and last but not least propose a prototype for a model for inventorying biodiversity at farm level. The model is aimed to form the basis of a future tool for the assessment of field nature at farm level (Field Ecospace), which will be developed in a subsequent project.

This project is coordinated by the Innovation Center for Organic Farming (ICØL). Find the project website with ICØL here (in Danish).


Yoko Luise Dupont

Senior Researcher Department of Ecoscience - Terrestrial Ecology

Project duration 



Internal funds for the Innovation Center for Organic Farming (ICØL) from The Danish Agricultural Agency (LBST)