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Earlier projects


Finished projects related to SESS

PERA (EFSA) - Building a European partnership for next generation, systems-based environmental risk assessment

  • PERA aims to create an overarching framework within which relevant partners can be identified and connected to create aroadmap for the transition to the next generation systems approach for environmental risk assessment (ERA). The PERA approach is multi-disciplinary, linking previously separate ‘silos’ within regulatory ERA as well as extending the scope to include those facets necessary for the systems approach.

Data collection for validation of ApisRAM (EFSA)

  • This project will provide us with a better undstanding and ability to predict how bee colonies are affected by the many stressors present in the landscape.

Anticoagulant rodenticide resistance in rodents (DEPA)

  • This project examined resistance development in rodents and the effects of rodenticides on non-target species.