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B-GOOD: Giving Beekeeping Guidance by cOmputatiOnal-assisted Decision making

The B-GOOD project will pave the way towards healthy and sustainable beekeeping within the EU by following a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. Merging data from within and around beehives as well as wider socioeconomic conditions, B-GOOD will develop and test innovative tools to perform risk assessments according to the Health Status Index (HSI).


B-GOOD is committed to find solutions and to develop innovative technologies in order to help beekeepers keeping their colonies healthy and to ensure sustainable beekeeping practices. The key to a sustainable beekeeping is a better understanding of its socio-economics, particularly within local value chains, its relationship with bee health and the human-ecosystem equilibrium of the beekeeping sector and to implement these insights into the data processing and decision-making. B-GOOD integrates socio-economic analyses, identify viable business models tailored to different contexts or European beekeeping and determine the carrying capacity of the landscape.


SESS leads work package 5 "Data Analysis and Decision Making" and work package 8 "Multi-Actor Co-Management"

In WP5 SESS is expanding on the simulation tool developed by EFSA ApisRAM. Our goals are (i) use machine learning to perform calibration and sensitivity analysis of the ApisRAM model, (ii) develop meta-modelling to efficiently use the complex ApisRAM simulation (iii) to conclude on the degree of relevance of the input parameters in predicting bee colony health.

In WP8, SESS’s work is also focused on the engagement of and collaboration between multiple actors from various beekeeping system within the EU. This is achieved by facilitating multi-level and cross-sector stakeholder partnerships and networks. Furthering collaborative research and development within diverse beekeeping systems, and establishing a learning system that promotes creative thinking and multidirectional knowledge exchange.

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James Henty Williams

Researcher Department of Ecoscience - Biodiversity and Conservation

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Horizon 2020