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Regional project meetings in October-November 2024

The project has started its first preparations for the upcoming regional project meetings with stakeholders in our river basins. The new round of regional meetings are to be held during the period October-November 2024. As part of our preparations we have made a flyer that together with local information will be used as a first invitation to the meetings in our partner countries.

NORDBALT-ECOSAFE Midterm Meeting 19-21st February 2024 at Hejmdal in Aarhus, Denmark

The EU Horizon project held its midterm 3-days meeting with 32 representatives from all institutes in the consortium. We had a guest visit with a virtual presentation from our two sister projects: NEW-HARMONICA and NAPSEA, as well as a presentation from the EU project OPTAIN.

Two group photos with most of the participants is shown below and a link to the programme for the midterm meeting can found here.

  • NORDBALT-ECOSAFE will hold a mid-term project meeting from 19-21st February 2024 at Aarhus University, Campus, Denmark (link to programme for our meeting). At the meeting on Tuesday 20th February the coordinators of our two sister projects (NEW-HARMONICA and NAPSEA) will present their projects with their deliverables.
  • The coordinators of the three EU sister project. NEW-HARMONICA, NAPSEA and NORDBALT-ECOSAFE had their 3rd meeting on 15th January 2024. The coordinators will seek permission for hosting a joint special session at the upcoming LUWQ conference in Aarhus, Denmark in June 2025.

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