Workpackage 3

Nutrient management and greenhouse gas production


WP3 aims to highlight the need for multi-element versus single element thinking for improved management of water quality. Specifically, the WP aims to improve our ability to predict policy-relevant consequences of changing freshwater macronutrient (CNP) stoichiometry associated with nutrient management and global climate change in the Nordic-Baltic region. In this WP, we will conceptualise and quantify the tradeoffs between nature-based agricultural nutrient retention measures (e.g., constructed wetlands) and freshwater greenhouse gas (GHG) production. This information can be used to better connect national level carbon accounting to agricultural policy and document temporal trends in stoichiometry of CNP fluxes in Nordic and Baltic rivers with a focus on river mouths draining to the North and Baltic Seas.


  • 3.1 Quantify tradeoffs between nutrient retention and climate impacts
  • 3.2 Operationalising safe operating spaces based on element stoichiometry