Workpackage 7


Within this work package, the project coordination, budgetary and administration activities and reporting to the EU will be carried out. WP7 will also include the development of document management and the Online Networking Platform. Efforts will be made to ensure that deliverables from all WPs are presented in a manner that allows maximum dissemination, protects intellectual property rights, and leads to knowledge exchange with end-users in the region and the whole EU. A special task is dedicated to exchange results with similar projects in other regions of the EU.


  • 7.1: Overall project management
  • 7.2 Annual project meetings and regional meetings
  • 7.3 Project reporting and audit management
  • 7.4 Online Networking Platform and communication
  • 7.5 Project legacy and contacts to other projects in the EU
  • 7.6 Initial meetings with sister projects and HELCOM