Workpackage 6

Governance models and policy tools


The aim of WP6 is to support river basin managers, stakeholders, and policy makers to apply a systemic approach to preventing pollution from nitrogen and phosphorus across economic sectors to meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive while at the same time considering the climate costs of nutrient management. WP6 will conduct a review of the European as well as Nordic and Baltic (e.g., HELCOM) regulations and governance models in nutrient management for devising fit for purpose regulations, incentives, and nutrient management practices that also take climate costs into account. WP6 will also propose broader policy measures to foster a systemic shift towards more sustainable ways of production and consumption (i.e., reducing the production and consumption of products and services with high nutrient emission footprints).


  • 6.1. National governance models for NBSs and MMs.
  • 6.2. Review of European policy tools and their impacts