Presentations from workshop

Session 1 Soil Spectroscopy

Optimizing Model Development and Validation Procedures of Partial Least Squares for Spectral Based Prediction of Soil Properties
Nimrod Carmon and Eyal Ben Dor

Memory Based Learning: A New Data Mining Approach to Model and Interpret Clay Diffuse Reflectance Spectra
Asa Gholizadeh, Mohammadmehdi Saberioon and Luboš Borůvka

Utilization of the Internal Soil Standard (ISS) Method to Optimize Exchange of Soil Spectral Libraries
Eyal Ben Dor, Gila Notesco, Agustin Pimstein, Cindy Ong, Ian Lau, Veronika Kopackova, Jose Dematte and Danilo Romero

Session 2 Digital Soil Mapping of SOC

USDA CarbonScapes — A National Look at Carbon Landscapes and Meeting Place for the USDA Carbon Inventory and Modeling Community
James A. Thompson, Sharon W. Waltman, Kurt Donaldson, Maneesh Sharma, Frank Lafone, Mike Wilson and Skye Wills

Coupling high resolution data and national baseline estimates for farm scale soil carbon auditing
C Hedley, P Roudier, B Malone, B Minansy and AB McBratney

Global space-time soil carbon assessment
José Padarian, Uta Stockman, Budiman Minasny and Alex B. McBratney

A million dollar challenge to map peatlands in Indonesia
Budiman Minasny, Rudiyanto and Budi Indra Seyiawan

Session 3 Digital Soil Mapping of SOC

3D modelling of Scottish soil properties
Laura Poggio and Alessandro Gimona

Mapping Soil Organic Carbon Stocks Using a General 3D Mapping Approach in the Northeast Tibetan Plateau, China
Ren-Min Yang and Gan-Lin Zhang

High resolution digital soil organic carbon mapping in Western Greenland
Philipp Gries, Karsten Schmidt, Thorsten Behrens and Thomas Scholten

Changes of soil organic matter stocks in Bavaria
Anna Kühnel, Martin Wiesmeier, Peter Spörlein, Bernd Schilling and Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

Soil organic carbon mapping at different scales in Madagascar
N. Ramifehiarivo, A. Andriamananjara, H. Razafimahatratra, T. Razafimbelo, M. Rabenarivo, A.Rasolohery, N. Ranaivoson, F. Seyler, A. Albrecht, F. Razafindrabe, M. Brossard and H. Razakamanarivo

Session 4 Digital Soil Mapping

Predictive mapping of soil properties at high resolution by component wise gradient boosting from legacy data
Madlene Nussbaum, Andreas Papritz, Marielle Fraefel, Andri Baltensweiler, Lorenz Walthert, Armin Keller, Urs Grob and Sanne Diek

Mapping of soil moisture by deep learning based Cellular Automata
Xiao-Dong Song, Gan-Lin Zhang, Feng Liu, De-Cheng Li and Yu-Guo Zhao

Optimization of sampling configuration for digital soil mapping in a historical wine region, Hungary
Gábor Szatmári, Péter László, Katalin Takács, György Lukácsy, József Szabó and László Pásztor

Identifying soil variability using multi-year remote sensing for site-specific management
Yash Dang and Ram Dalal

An improved fuzzy logic slope-form system for predictive soil mapping of a landscape-scale area with strong relief conditions
Bui Le Vinh, Gerhard Clemens and Karl Stahr

Hierarchical approach of incorporating legacy information into the digital soil mapping process to provide soil property information at a scale where people make decisions
Phillip R. Owens, Jenette Ashtekar, Minerva Dorantes, Mayesse DaSilva and Zamir Libohova

Knowledge discovery from samples using the partial dependence of random forest under fuzzy logic
Canying Zeng, A-Xing Zhu and Lin Yang

Session 5 Digital Soil Mapping of large areas

Mapping chemical and physical properties of soils at regional scale on the Swiss Plateau by robust external drift kriging from legacy soil data
Andreas Papritz, Madlene Nussbaum, Marielle Fraefel, Andri Baltensweiler, Lorenz Walthert, Armin Keller, Urs Grob and Sanne Diek

The new digital soil map of Sweden –method and applications
Piikki K, Söderström M, Stadig H, Sohlenius G and Rodhe, L

Automated soil mapping based on Machine Learning: towards a soil data revolution
T. Hengl

Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data Mapping Heavy Metals in Qatar Soils
Yi Peng, Rania Bou Kheir, Kabindra Adhikari, Radosław Malinowski, Mette B. Greve, Maria Knadel, Basem Shomar and Mogens H. Greve

Comparison of a soil texture map synthetized from GlobalSoilMap standard layers with a goal specifically compiled product
Annamária Laborczi, Gábor Szatmári, Katalin Takács and László Pásztor; results of a project for functional, DSM based renewal of Hungary's national soil spatial data infrastructure
László Pásztor, Annamária Laborczi, Katalin Takács, Gábor Szatmári, Gábor Illés, Endre Dobos, Zsófia Bakacsi and József Szabó

Session 6 Digital Soil Mapping of large areas

Designing soil monitoring schemes for large areas based on digital soil mapping products
Alex. B. McBratney, Jaap De Gruijter and Budiman Minasny

Legacy soil survey data mining for digital soil mapping in Prince Edward Island (PEI) province in Canada
Xiaoyuan Geng, Juanxia He, Yefang Jiang and Bert VandenBygaart

Applications of DSM for erosion modelling with uncertainty propagation
Laura Poggio and Alessandro Gimona

A Systematic Approach to Building a Sustainable Digital Soil Map
Minerva Dorantes, Phillip R. Owens, Jenette Ashtekar, Mayesse DaSilva and Zamir Libohova

Managing water by managing soils: The importance of soil information for the sustainable development of Central America
Axel Schmidt, Phillip R. Owens, Zamir Libohova, Jenette Ashtekar and Minerva Dorantes

GlobalSoilMap developments in France
V.L. Mulder, M. Lacoste, A.C. Richer-de-Forges and M.P.  and Martin D. Arrouays

Session 7 Digital Soil Mapping

Predicting soil depth using survival analysis models
Quentin Styc and Philippe Lagacherie

An error budget for digital soil mapping using proximally sensed EM induction and remotely sensed g-ray spectrometer data
Jingyi Huang, Thomas F.A. Bishop and John Triantafilis

Can citizen science be used to assist Digital Soil Mapping?
David G. Rossiter, Liu Jing, Steve Carlisle and  A-Xing Zhu

Adaptation of public digital soil maps for practical use in agriculture
Söderström M, Piikki K. and Cordingley J.

Ensemble of topsoil texture predictions for Region Centre (France)
Román Dobarco, M, Lagacherie, P, Ciampalini, R, Arrouays, D and Saby, NPA

Mapping of skidding track soil compaction and displacement from high resolution LIDAR-based DEM’s in broadleaved forest on poorly drained soils
Ingeborg Callesen, Stinna Filsø Susgaard, Jesper Riis Christiansen and Lene Fischer

Scope to map soil management units at the district level from remotely sensed g-ray spectrometry and proximal sensed EM induction data
Y. Z. Jing, J. Huang, R. Banks and J.Triantafilis

Digital land resource mapping to address information and capacity shortages in developing countries
AJ Ringrose-Voase, M Thomas, GJ Grealish, MTF Wong, A Mercado, GP Nilo, MR Glover and TI Dowling

Session 8 Digital Soil Mapping

Combining uncertainties from the feature domain and spatial domain for digital soil mapping: where to sample more?
A-Xing Zhu, Yan Li and Zhou Shi

Digital soil mapping using data with different accuracy levels
G.B.M. Heuvelink, T. Hengl, B. Kempen and J.G.B. Leenaars

Accurate digital mapping of endemic soils
Colby Brungard and Budiman Minasny

Potential to map depth-specific soil organic matter content across an olive grove using quasi-2d and quasi-3d inversion of DUALEM-21 data
J. Huang, A. Pedrera-Parrilla, K. Vanderlinden, E.V. Taguas, J.A. Gómez and J.Triantafilis

Digital Soil Assessment of Landscape-Scale Forest Restoration Using a Species Distribution Model
Adrienne C. Nottingham, James A. Thompson and Michael P. Strager

Mapping sustaining soils in prehispanic Western Mexico. Archaeopedology as a tool for understanding ancient agriculture
Antoine Dorison and Christina Siebe

Mapping of Functional Soil Classes across Scales
Jenette M. Ashtekar, Phillip R. Owens, Minerva Dorantes, Mayesse DaSilva and Zamir Libohova

Session 9 Remote Sensing and Soil Spectroscopy

Geographically closest resampling strategy for soil organic carbon and clay content prediction
Yi Peng, Maria Knadel, Mette B. Greve and Mogens H. Greve

Identification of soil classes based on vis-NIR reflectance spectra using depth harmonization and machine learning techniques
Xianli Xie, Decheng Li, Rong Zeng, Xianzhang Pan and Ganlin Zhang

How reflectance spectroscopy can assist in soil classification?
Rong Zeng, Gan-Lin Zhang, Fan Yang, De-Cheng Li and Yu-Guo Zhao

Using field spectroscopy in the VNIR-SWIR spectral region for predicting hydrophobicity level of undisturbed soils
Amihai Granot and Eyal Ben Dor

Multi-temporal composites of airborne imaging spectroscopy data for the use in digital soil mapping
Sanne Diek, Rogier de Jong and Michael Schaepman

Mapping of land covers in South Greenland using very high resolution satellite imagery for SOC upscaling
Menaka Chellasamy, Mateja Ogric, Mogens Humlekrog Greve and René Larsen    

Session 11 Digital Soil Mapping and Environmental Covariates

Artificial Neural Networks for soil drainage class mapping in Denmark
Amélie Beucher, Anders Bjørn Møller and Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Development of environmental covariates for mapping soil properties over an alluvial plain
Feng Liu, Gan-Lin Zhang, Xiao-Dong Song and Yu-Guo Zhao

Selection of principal stand factors as predictors for digital mapping
of potentially toxic element contents in forest soils

Luboš Borůvka, Radim Vašát, Václav Tejnecký, Vít Šrámek, Milan Sáňka, Jarmila Čechmánková, Karel Němeček and Vít Penížek

Acid sulfate soil mapping in Denmark using legacy data and LiDAR-based derivatives
Amélie Beucher, Kabindra Adhikari, Henrik Breuning-Madsen, Mette Balslev Greve, Peter Österholm, Sören Fröjdö, Niels Henrik Jensen and Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Predicting Soil Processes: Digital Soil Mapping as a platform for bridging scale discrepancies between measurements and predictions
Zamir Libohova, Phillip R. Owens, Philip Schoneberger, Jenette Ashtekar, Minerva Dorantes, Skye Wills and Hans E. Winzeler