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2016.03.29 |

Pre-announcement of second transnational call

C-IPM has pre-announced its second call for applications (pre-proposals) for transnational research in integrated pest management in Europe.

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2016.03.16 |

Show it don't tell it: The value of demonstration farms

A workshop regarding the benefits of demonstration farms will be held in Bonn, Germany, in May 2016.

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2016.01.06 |

Seven projects selected in the first C-IPM call

The results of the first C-IPM call proposals are now ready: seven projects have been selected.

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2015.12.04 |

Update on biocontrol workshop

Registration for the workshop is by invitation only.

People from 31 funding organizations participated in the C-IPM annual meeting in Rome. Photo: Claus Bo Andreasen

2015.11.30 |

New transnational research activities in IPM are on the track

The C-IPM annual meeting in Rome homed in on several potentially interesting call topics, and proposed topics for future workshops. The meeting also included a communication workshop.

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2015.11.25 |

Biocontrol workshop coming up

A joint biocontrol workshop co-organized by C-IPM, Ecophyto and IOBC will be held in Paris on 27-28 January 2016.

Photo: Jesper Rais

2015.11.17 |

The EU Minor Uses Coordination Facility has started

The EU’s new coordination facility for minor uses of pesticides aims to enable farmers to produce high quality crops by filling minor uses gaps through efficient collaboration to improve availability of chemical and non-chemical tools within an integrated pest management (IPM) framework.

Foto: Janne Hansen

2015.11.17 |

Needs for IPM solutions for minor uses

The C-IPM work package regarding minor uses has identified and ranked the needs for IPM solutions for minor uses. This has resulted in a longlist of topics for the C-IPM’s first call.

2015.10.19 |

Coordinating IPM research in Europe is imperative

An EU session at the recent Ecophyto colloquium in Paris emphasized the importance of coordinating European IPM research.

Seven pre-proposals concern innovative and new pest monitoring tools and Decision Support Systems. Photo: Janne Hansen

2015.10.07 |

New IPM project proposal in the pipeline

In the first C-IPM call, thirteen full proposals on integrated pest management have been selected to continue into the final round of evaluation. The full proposals will be evaluated by an expert panel.

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