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2017.01.16 |

Strengthening integrated pest management in Europe

The final conference of the ERA-net C-IPM indicated that stakeholders agree on the importance and challenges of research and implementation of IPM in Europe and that the EU should continue to support these activities.

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2016.12.30 |

New research projects

The results of the C-IPM second call for proposals 2016 are now available.

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2016.10.31 |

Final agenda now on line

The final agenda for the final C-IPM conference is now available.

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2016.10.31 |

Breeding for IPM on the agenda

Plant breeding and IPM were on the agenda at a C-IPM workshop held in Poland in July 2016.

The C-IPM annual meeting will be held in Brussels in December. Photo: Colourbox

2016.09.23 |

An end – and several beginnings

C-IPM will hold its final conference along with a kick-off of the C-IPM first call projects in Brussels in December 2016.

Integrated pest management can spread if the parties involved network more with each other. Photo: Colourbox

2016.09.23 |

Networking is the way to go

Sharing results and practical experience across borders is imperative for spreading integrated pest management in agriculture. European scientists recommend three ways to improve networking.

Scientists propose five actions that can promote the incorporation of herbicide-tolerant crops in integrated weed management systems. Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.09.23 |

Herbicide-tolerant crops can be a part of integrated weed management

Scientists propose five actions to facilitate the incorporation of herbicide-tolerant crops in integrated weed management systems and emphasise that the same approach should be taken whether the crops are conventionally bred or genetically modified to be herbicide-resistant.

Photo: Martin Cooper

2016.08.24 |

Focus on pesky fruit fly

The pest Drosophila suzukii will be spotlighted at a workshop to be held in Greece in September.

The first part of the C-IPM demonstration farm workshop was held in the countryside not far from Bonn, Germany. Photos: Janne Hansen

2016.06.23 |

IPM in the real world

A workshop on demonstration farms gave practical insight into the challenges facing farmers with regard to weeds, diseases and pests.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2016.06.13 |

Workshop on breeding for integrated pest management

A workshop on breeding for IPM in sustainable, low-input agriculture systems will be held in Poland in July 2016.

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