You can gain an overview of the status and preliminary results from the research projects regarding integrated pest management  under the auspices of C-IPM at a workshop in Paris in November 2018. Photo: Janne Hansen

2018.10.17 | Events

Invitation to a workshop on research in Integrated Pest Management

Sixteen transnational European research projects have been initiated under the auspices of C-IPM. The preliminary findings from the projects will be presented at a workshop in Paris on 22-23 November 2018.

Photo: Colourbox

2017.03.24 |

Know your tiny enemy 

Improved pest monitoring is necessary to support effective biological control, which is an integral part of integrated pest management in greenhouses. 

Ryegrass is a hardy weed and is a challenge for farmers. Photo: Maurtizio Sattin

2017.03.17 |

Unlocking the secrets of resistant weeds

How and why do weeds become resistant to herbicides? A new European project aims to find answers to this question. The knowledge is important for the development of efficient pest management strategies.

Photo: Janne Hansen

2017.03.16 |

Keeping one step ahead of resistant fungi

European researchers are joining forces to keep tabs on the spread of resistance in the fungi that cause the wheat disease septoria tritici blotch and to develop control methods that can help reduce dependence on fungicides.

Photo: Connie Krogh Damgaard

2017.02.28 |

Keeping an eye on the fly

European researchers are joining forces to develop a new and more efficient method for monitoring the fruit fly Drosophila suzukii.

Photo: E. Fløistad, NIBIO

2017.02.22 |

Decision-making tools tailor-made to local conditions are underway

European scientists will develop improved decision support tools that can help optimize disease control in the Nordic-Baltic region.

Root flies can cause great harm to vegetables. Photo: Rosemary Collier

2017.02.21 |

Getting to the root of root flies

Scientists from eight European countries are collaborating on improving the management of root flies in outdoor vegetables.

Photo: INRA©Gotheron

2017.02.13 |

Pulling on all strings can help control pests in apple orchards

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – but how do you keep pests away from apples? Researchers are taking a holistic approach to controlling pests in a new European project spanning five different countries.

Photo: Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam

2017.02.09 |

Environmentally-friendly pest control strategies need to be aligned with each other

If used in the wrong combination, environmentally and health-friendly pest control strategies might actually increase crop pest populations. A new European research project will put this counter-intuitive idea to the test.

Photo: John Goulet, Canadian Biodiversity Information Center

2017.02.09 |

Tiny, shiny assistants may help farmers combat weeds

Some beetles prey on seeds from weeds. Promoting good environmental conditions for these beetles may be a way to reduce the use of herbicides.

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