PITCH SESSION: Dr. Robert Hartmann from Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes

Join the Plant2Food Pitch Session with Dr. Robert Hartmann on the topic: "Obtaining proteins with the EthaNa process"

The point of the pitch session is to give you the opportunity to hear from companies and researchers who have challenges or ideas within plant-based development that would like to become research projects under Plant2Food. On the 16th January the floor is Robert's, who wants to talk about the topic:

- Obtaining proteins with the EthaNa process"

"The EthaNa process is an ethanol-based process to extract and replace oil from different oil-containing seeds, such as rapeseeds. The process applies temperatures below 70 °C and takes place under ambient pressure producing an almost oil-free and protein-rich meal. In addition, the solubility of oils is rather low in ethanol so that a free oil phase can be directly be obtained. In the course of the Plant2Food call, we look for partners that use rapeseed kernel concentrate in their food formulations or as substrate for solid state fermentation, are interested in using the EthaNa process for other oil-containing raw materials (e.g., soy beans), or selective isolate molecules from the ethanolic phase and apply them as food supplements, in cosmetics, or other applications."

It's free to participate! Register here: https://events.au.dk/p2fpitchsession16janroberthartmann