Launch talk: Astrid Bonke & FÆRM: "Better plants, better ... dairy?"

Make sure to register for our Call Launch 12 December at CPH Food Space to hear the talk from Head of Development at FÆRM, Astrid Bonke!

"At FÆRM, we redesign plants to recreate the flavors and textures we know and love from cheese - just without milk. For us, Plant2Food provides the opportunity to connect research purposes with an eye to further commercial purposes.

By working across the value chain, we have a better starting point to reach the common goal. We develop plant-based cheese, but by looking a step further back and looking at the raw materials, plant drink and ultimately the legumes, we can meet in a place where it is in everyone's interest that there is more knowledge."

Astrid Bonke is Head of Development at FÆRM.

Join the Launch 12 December at CPH Food Space

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