Ideation Event & Workshops - February 2024

What challenges do you see within plant-based? Get inspired, give your inputs, and get the opportunity to be part of an idea which can become a Plant2Food project. Join us online and participate for free.

The ideation workshop will bring academia and industry within the plant-based value chain together and provide optimal settings for stake- holders to discuss and co-create on novel research projects.

The event is your chance to meet new collaboration partners and discuss challenges and ideas within plant and food sciences. The Plant2Food platform supports innovative research projects, that can accelerate the transition to more sustainable plant-based foods, which are healthy for both the planet and its population. The workshop will be a combination of brainstorming sessions and network.

The purpose of today's workshop is to identify challenges and ideas that suit Plant2Food projects and that you or others will work on after the workshop. These can be topics such as: which products are missing on the market, which knowledge is lacking in your company, which research is lacking in relation to crops, varieties, taste, nutrition, etc. We also hope that the workshop will give you new collaboration partners and expand your plant-based network.

Register for free here:

1 February 08.30 - 12.00 At KMC Register here       
8 February 10.00 - 14.30 In CHP - Food Nation Register here