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"Identification of Novel BIOmarkers and Drug Targets for the Detection and Elimination of Occult METastaseS in COlon Cancer"

The BIOMETSCO project aimed to find biomarkers that can help predict whether or not a patient with colorectal cancer also has occult metastases. If present, these small and undetectable metastases currently pose a significant threat to the patient’s survival rate.

The team used a two-step process combining bulk analysisand spatial transcriptiomics of different tissue samples to compare cancer and normal tissue. During the project, the BIOMETSCO team identified several potential biomarkers, genereated a lot of data as well as applied for (and received) a grant to continue one aspect of the ODIN project in a new project with new .partners.

On this page you can can watch a video recorded at the beginning of the project. You can also read an article on the output of the project and you can find lists of project participants and articles published by the BIOMETSCO team.


Academic team members

  • Lasse S. Kristensen, Assoc. Professor, Aarhus University
  • Henrik Hager, Assoc. Professor, Aaarhus University Hospital
  • Morten Tobias Jarlstad Olesen
  • Juan Luis Garcia Rodriguez

Industrial team member

  • Mogens Kruhøffer, BioXpedia 
  • Morten Venø, omiics
  • Rudy Van Eijsden, NanoString Technology
  • Ultan McDermott, AstraZeneca

"There are two main reasons for us to participate actively in the ODIN network:

1. It’s a great way to expand our network – both within academia and in industry

2. It enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse regarding new research areas at the university.

Taken together, this help us to implement those technologies and workflows into our portfolio that are requested by our customers."


Mogens Kruhøffer, BioXpedia

Industry partner in the BIOMETSCO project

"In the BIOMETSCO project, we have employed new methodologies capable of generating vast amounts of data from numerous patient samples. Additionally, we wanted to develop biomarkers based on clinically applicable methods. Deciding on a study setup and data analysis methods was therefore not trivial.

Discussions with AstraZeneca and BioXpedia about this were instrumental for the success of the project. Furthermore, continued technical support from NanoString and assistance with bioinformatic analyses from Omiics were key."


Lasse Sommer Kristensen, Head of BIOMETSCO

"Participating in ODIN is a great opportunity for an SME like omiics in several different ways. By participating in these ambitious projects we expand our current knowledgebase in relation  to biomarker and drug target discovery. The resulting publications are a strong channel to document the high value of our service to customers worldwide.

Participation in the ODIN network itself allows us to stay up to date on new initiatives and research at the university and in the other participating companies. Although we cannot meet with other participants at physical events, ODIN provides a digital platform, acting as a “virtual coffee-stand” for informal mingling and exchange of ideas.”


Morten Venø, omiics,

Industry partner in the BIOMETSCO project


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