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Travel Awards

Eligible applicants:

Participating younger researchers, such as students and postdocs, attending the symposium may apply for a DANEMO Travel Award.

Applicants must be affiliated with a Danish institution to be eligible for funding.

Travel award amount:

The travel award funds can cover up to a maximum of 1500 DKK per application.

The travel award must be used for travel expenses, such as train tickets, car pools (list names of participants joining, 1.9 DKK per km), bridge or ferry, and/or overnight expenses at hotel with “statsaftale”.

N.B.: No meals can be covered.

Application deadline:

To apply for the DANEMO Travel Award, please send your application to Karen Bech-Pedersen (karenb@mbg.au.dk), as a single pdf document by Sunday 23 October 2022.

Successful applicants will be notified by Thursday 27 October 2022.

Application requirements:

  • The application pdf must include a short description (max. one page total) expressing i) your interest in the DANEMO symposium, ii) an outline of requested expenses to cover*, iii) your employment category (student, PhD student, or postdoc), and which Danish institution and department you are affiliated with.
  • In addition, a short CV (one page) and a list of publications, preprints and other scientific disseminations (posters, talks) must be included.
  • A support letter from your mentor/supervisor is optional
  • To apply for the travel award, you are required to bring a research poster to the symposium.

* Expenses requested covered must be documented (in the application) with a description of the travel from A to B (for travel expenses), and a receipt for the expense added (in the reimbursement request after the event).

Travel Award payout: 

The travel award is paied out as reimbursement of expenses, which will take place after the symposium.


Thank you to the following for supporting the symposium:




The poster prize sponsor is the Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Biokemisk Forening)