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The DANEMO Stipend

The DANEMO Stipend


The stipend are strategic funds for stimulating and establishing new contacts to EMBL groups and enhancing knowledge of EMBL and EMBO and the possibilities that the Danish EMBL membership entails, with focus on the new research areas under EMBL’s scientific programme "Molecules to Ecosystems"

Applicants can apply for up to 10.000 DKK to support:

  1. Visits to EMBL laboratories, core facilities and user services 
    • for researchers (and students) at Danish research institutes for specific experiments or techniques
  2. Network meetings aiming for collaborations with EMBL researchers
    • for research groups and networks at Danish research institutes that see new opportunities for collaboration with EMBL in the new EMBL programme, which includes also new areas such as environmental studies, climate change studies, ecology, biodiversity, microbiomes
    • for research groups that would like to engage in ambitious collaborative research activities, for example EIPOD collaborations, ERC synergy grants, Horizon2025, or the like, that can develop into further collaborations and knowledge transfer between researchers at Danish institutions and EMBL laboratories/facilities.
  3. Travel cost to attend courses and conferences
    • Apply for the DANEMO Stipend to cover all of your costs for EMBL's courses and conferences.

Application guidelines

The application must include: 

  • A description of your project/overview of the intent of the visit/meeting 
  • Information about your affiliation, employment and research area
  • Expected outcome of the project/visit/meeting 
  • Budget overview of the requested expenses to cover (including a brief explanatory statement demonstrating financial need and detailing provisional costs). 
  • Short CV (one page) and a list of publications, preprints and other scientific disseminations (posters, talks) must be included.
  • Supporting statement from the home institution 
  • Please indicate the timing of the planned activity
  • N.B.: For infrastructure research visits, please also attach a confirmation from the at the EMBL site/core facility*

*Before submitting the application, please contact the relevant Facility or EMBL to apply for a visit and discuss the feasibility of the project.


How to apply:

Applications should be submitted as a single pdf document to DANEMO coordinator Caspar Elo Christensen at caspar.christensen@bio.ku.dk

Applications will be assessed by DANEMO’s steering committee on a running basis.

Successful applicants will be notified within 3 months after application submission.

Please note that funds are limited to a total of DKK 150.000 for this fellowship instrument, and we will notify here on the DANEMO website, when the funds are no longer available.


What may be covered?

The stipend can cover expenses related to travel costs such as air fare, or train tickets (encouraged), car pools (list names of participants joining, a mileage allowance is paid at the normal, low rate),and accommodation (if possible hotel with “statsaftale”), facility user expenses, meeting venues and catering and similar. Expense details must be listed in the application budget.

Reimbursement of expenses will take place after the event as an expense claim via RejsUd. Only expenses with original expense receipt will be reimbursed thus, all receipts for the reimbursable expenses must be kept and uploaded when making the reimbursements. N.B.: Expenses usually covered by yourself cannot be reimbursed e.g., insurance and daily transport. Further, salary may not be covered.

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