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DANEMO is the Danish research support center and communication platform with the mission to increase attention to the numerous opportunities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) for career paths, funding, and scientific services such as core facilities, databases, instruments, and large-scale facilities. EMBO and EMBL opportunities are relevant to everyone in the Danish research communities within life sciences in both academia and industry, from undergraduates to senior scientists! 

The aim is to raise the awareness and use of the many exciting research positions and fellowships at cutting-edge facilities to strengthen careers in science and research support, and of the many resources in science offered by EMBL and EMBO. Hopefully DANEMO’s mission will result in more Danish applicants to the PhD, postdoc and group leader programmes at EMBL, as well as the many career developing opportunities for research facility and support staff, use of scientific services at EMBL, and for fellowship, course opportunities and networks at EMBO. 

DANEMO is coordinated by the steering group consisting of representatives at the Danish universities.

To celebrate one year of DANEMO an interview with former DANEMO-coordinator Karen Bech-Pedersen and administrative program coordinator Maria Thykær Jensen.
Find the interview here.


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