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Funding opportunities

The DANEMO Stipend

Would you like to access Europe’s best facilities and infrastructure? To visit and work within an EMBL lab? To invite an EMBL or EMBO researcher to Denmark? Or to participate in an EMBL or EMBO course or conference? Apply for the DANEMO stipend today.

Opportunities for PhD Students

Join EMBL’s leading PhD program where you will receive top training, have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, become part of an elite research network and gain international experience.

Opportunities for Postdocs

EMBL offers several elite postdoc programmes that will help take your research and career to the next level.

Opportunities for early career scientists

EMBL and EMBO offer the very best training and networking opportunities for new group leaders.

Support to visit EMBL sites

EMBO and EMBL support scientific exchange both between member countries and to EMBL sites, ensuring Europe remains a vibrant center for scientific learning and training.