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What is DANEMO?

DANEMO promotes the use of core facilities at EMBL sites and nourish collaborations between research groups in Denmark and at EMBL.

Furthermore we encourage scientists to apply for PhD, fellowships, group leader programmes, and to take advantage of career development and networking opportunities at both EMBL and EMBO.

DANEMO was launched in the spring 2021. Read more about the first year here

Explore the opportunities in the new EMBL programme ‘Molecules to Ecosystems’

The EMBL programme ‘Molecules to Ecosystems’ outlines the plans for EMBL's next five-year cycle in 2022-2026.

EMBL’s vision is to advance understanding of ecosystems at the molecular level and study life in context. The result will be fundamental research that expands what we know about life on earth and provides new means to address major global challenges.

This new Programme will expand EMBL’s scope to study the molecular basis of life in the context of changing environments, transforming our understanding of life on earth and informing potential solutions for some of society’s biggest challenges, such as irreversible loss of biodiversity, antimicrobial resistance, pollution, climate change, food security, and emergent pathogens. More research – at the molecular level – is needed to understand the underlying principles of phenotypic variation and how organisms respond to changing environments.

From exploring the molecular components inside a cell to studying whole populations and ecosystems, EMBL scientists will build upon EMBL’s existing strengths and expertises to explore these research themes that foster collaborative, multidisciplinary research: Molecular Building Blocks, Cellular and Multicellular Dynamics, Microbial Ecosystems, Infection Biology, Human Ecosystems, Planetary Biology, Data Sciences, and Theory@EMBL

Watch the presentation video of the new EMBL programme.

Download brochure of EMBL's new programme 'Molecules to Ecosystems'

DANEMO Fellowships for Collaborative Work

The fellowships are strategic funds for stimulating and establishing new contacts to EMBL groups and enhancing knowledge of EMBL and EMBO and the possibilities that the Danish EMBL membership entails, with focus on the new research areas under EMBL’s new scientific programme "Molecules to Ecosystems"

DANEMO fellowships support:

  1. Visits to EMBL laboratories, core facilities and user services for researchers (and students) at Danish research institutes for specific experiments or techniques
  2. Network meetings aiming for collaborations with EMBL researchers
    • for research groups and networks at Danish research institutes that see new opportunities for collaboration with EMBL in the new EMBL programme, which includes also new areas such as environmental studies, climate change studies, ecology, biodiversity, microbiomes
    • for research groups that would like to engage in ambitious collaborative research activities, for example EIPOD collaborations, ERC synergy grants, Horizon2025, or the like, that can develop into further collaborations and knowledge transfer between researchers at Danish institutions and EMBL laboratories/facilities.

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The DANEMO Symposium 2022

The DANEMO Symposium "Molecular Ecosystems" took place November 3-4th, and was a great sucess. With speakers and participants from all across Euorope. The Symposium aimed to create awareness of the new EMBL Programme "Molecules to Ecosystems", as well as create more knowledge around EMBL and EMBO for students and researcher across Denmark.

During the Symposium we were lucky to have Dorota Badowska present, she has afterwards put together an article about the symposium, which you can read here.

Mission of DANEMO

DANEMO is the Danish research support center and communication platform with the mission to increase attention to the numerous opportunities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) for career paths, funding, and scientific services such as core facilities, databases, instruments, and large-scale facilities. EMBO and EMBL opportunities are relevant to everyone in the Danish research communities within life sciences in both academia and industry, from undergraduates to senior scientists! 

The aim is to raise the awareness and use of the many exciting research positions and fellowships at cutting-edge facilities to strengthen careers in science and research support, and of the many resources in science offered by EMBL and EMBO. Hopefully DANEMO’s mission will result in more Danish applicants to the PhD, postdoc and group leader programmes at EMBL, as well as the many career developing opportunities for research facility and support staff, use of scientific services at EMBL, and for fellowship, course opportunities and networks at EMBO.  

EMBL & EMBO scientific events in 2023

The EMBL Events website is a major European platform for sharing and expanding research, knowledge and contacts through face-to-face and virtual interaction. Learn also more about training at EMBL here

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EMBO Courses & Workshops stimulate exchanges of the latest scientific knowledge and offers training in new techniques. The programme funds workshops, practical courses and lectures courses.

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