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Tasting the leafy vegetables and filling out the questionnaires. Photo: Tittarelli, 2019

2020.01.31 | Events

Food Citizenship in Capua – a joint event by Greenresilient and ProOrg projects

On 1st of December 2019, “La Colombaia” farm, the Italian private partner in the CORE Organic Cofund Greenresilient project, organized an Open Day, called “The LeafEaters”. They invited local consumers to participate in an event on consumer awareness regarding the diversity of leafy vegetables which can be produced locally and the taste of winter…

2020.01.16 | Events

ERA-NET CORE Organic celebrated its 15 Years Anniversary

The CORE Organic - Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems - is an ERA-NET established in 2004. It presently includes 27 European ministries and research councils under the main aim to fund transnational research in organic food and farming. The 15 years CORE Organic anniversary event took place in Bonn,…

GianLuca Brunori was a key note speaker at the 15th Core Organic Anniversary recently celebrated in Bonn

2020.01.14 | Events

Research as a driver for change

GianLuca Brunori, Prof. at Pisa Uni. and Chair of 5th SCAR (Standing Committee for Agricultural Research) Foresight Expert Group presents the work of the group and the role of organic systems in the future challenges in sustainable food production. The foresight exercises built the basis for the advisory functions of SCAR for the EU. .

2019.11.05 | News type

60 pre-proposals for joint call “Towards sustainable and organic food systems"

The Joint Call of the ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 & CORE Organic Cofund closed on 4 November 2019 and received a number of 60 pre-proposals!

Photo: Colourbox

2019.10.10 | Research news

Organic food processing: Discussing technologies with occasional organic consumers

Knowledge and expectations on food processing was elicited by focus groups with occasional organic consumers using the examples of milk and orange juice. Mostly, knowledge was low and no clear preferences regarding specific technologies were found.

Apples dried in the SusOrgPlus drier

2019.10.09 | Research news

With intelligent drying and heat pump drying towards more sustainability

Drying of organic food is characterized by empirical approaches when it comes to product quality and system design. Alternative drying conditions and improved system control can improve the product quality and reduce the energy demand for the producers.

Piglets raised in an outdoor organic farm.

2019.10.08 | Research news

Do piglets in organic farms need iron supplementation?

This study within the CORE Organic Cofund project POWER, aimed at describing the practices in French organic pig farms regarding iron supplementation of piglets at birth and determine the iron status of the piglets at weaning. It shows that iron supplementation is necessary indoors but not outdoors.

2019.10.08 | Research news

What is the role of range use for infections with parasites in laying hens?

In organic layer farms a free-range area is provided for animal welfare reasons. Both higher and lower worm burden (Ascaridia, Heterakis and Capillaria) are described in hens housed in free-range systems compared to other systems. Parasite infections can reduce health, welfare and productivity. In the CORE Organic Cofund project FreeBirds, we…

2019.10.08 | Research news

Finding the best laying hens for organic farms

Preliminary results from a study conducted at Aarhus University, Denmark, for the Freebirds project suggest that laying hens of the Bovan’s Brown hybrid may be more robust and, therefore, better suited for production in an organic setting compared to hens of the Dekalb White hybrid.

French organic multi-species livestock farms surveyed in the framework of MIX-ENABLE.

2019.10.08 | News type

Farmers’ management practices determine sustainability patterns of French organic multi-species livestock farms.

A short description of the main content and main message of the article. Based on 31 surveys, we tried to relate sustainability patterns of French organic multi-species livestock farms to farm structures (types of production, area, livestock units, etc.) and farmers’ practices (rotating crops and pastures, co-grazing, etc.).

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